About Wing Chun Hall

Wing Chun Hall exists to ´╗┐give regular people practical self-defense skills using Wing Chun as a vehicle.

In 1990, after a decade of Wing Chun training, Coach Jon Nielson established the Wing Chun Hall in Provo, Utah.  For the next 18 years, the Hall was affiliated with Ron Heimberger's Wing Chun Kung Fu Council, which was disbanded after Ron's death in 2008.  In 1997, along with the WCKFC, the Hall opened an association with the Ip Ching Wing Chun Athletic Association and retains those ties to this day. 

In 1998, Coach Nielson moved the Hall to Salt Lake City, Utah where Ben Richards, Brent Thompson, Ken Smock and Bryan Madsen, graduates of Coach Nielson's program are continuing to promote and teach Wing Chun. 

In 2004, Logan Williams graduated and moved to Arizona, and finally settled in Ohio where he established a branch of Wing Chun Hall.

In 2010, Dr. Benjamin Judkins graduated and moved to Rochester, New York where he established a branch of Wing Chun Hall.

In 2016, for the sake of his wife's health, Coach Nielson moved to North Carolina where he currently teaches.